Places Bar Tweaker Places Bar Tweaker 1.0

Change and rearrange the icons on places bar of Save as and Open dialog windows (See all)

This tiny little application has only one function: to change and rearrange the items on the side bar of typical Save as and Open file screens on Windows operating systems. That’s all, but if you think about it, it’s a really cool function.
As you can imagine, this applications is very easy to use and intuitive. No many options to choose from or features to understand. So, how does it work?
When you open the application what you see is a window just like the Save as or the Open file window that you’re about to change. Of course on the side is the bar we are talking about showing the current arrangement of items. Below the bar there are two arrows like buttons, one arrow up and one arrow down that will allow you to change the order in which the items appear on the bar. On the side of the bar there are two main options to select:
“Use file or folder for selected place”: meaning that you can browse a specific file or folder in your computer to be accessible from the bar and its icon will appear in the place of the bar where you have the selection at the moment.
“Use special folder for selected place”: meaning that you can select the special folder you want to have access to from the bar from a list showed below. Special folders are for instance Desktop, My Documents, My Computers among others.
Also, you can eliminate the bar from the windows by checking the “Hide places bar in dialogs” checkbox.
Once you have done the changes you like you can have a preview by clicking the Preview button available. If you are pleased with the results you just close the application and the changes will take effect.
This cool application is a freeware license so you can enjoy it for free.

Juan Morán
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  • Freeware license
  • Easy-to-use
  • Effective


  • Only works for users with administrator privileges
  • Changes remain after uninstallation
  • Only English support
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